Member team photos

Clackamas County Search and Rescue (CSAR)

Multiple search and rescue personnel guide a sked in the snow among trees Rescuers in helmets gather around a search subject at night with headlamps lit and snow on the ground Five search and rescuers hike and guide a litter along a trail on a mountainside with a snow-capped mountain in the background A rescuer in an orange shirt and helmet suspends from a rope with a smile on their face Two search dogs lie along the bank of a stream Two searchers in helmets on ATVs in a parking lot with vehicles in the background

Mountain Wave Search and Rescue

Vehicles at night responding to a search and rescue mission A helicopter flies close to the ground with snow on the ground, a Jeep in the foreground, and a person walking in a bright green jacket Two people examine screens in a truck with cords, switches, and other communication equipment A large truck with Mountain Wave Search and Rescue on the side with a red stripe, a mountain in the distance, and a large antenna extending from the truck Multiple search and rescue vehicles in the snow with snow covered trees and a person walking in the middle of the snowy road

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue

Several search and rescue people huddle in the dark with helmets and headlamps with a GPS unit looking at a map Three people in helmets and rescue gear carry a rescue litter through the forest Multiple people with backpacks and hiking gear traverse a trail with a mountain in the background Three people wearing helmets and backpacking gear walk a trail along a hill with mist and a river in the background Multiple search and rescue people with gear sit among campfires in the dark with smoke rising around them

Portland Mountain Rescue

Four people in winter jackets and hats on a mountain covered in snow Two people wearing helmets and rope gear and harnesses fix rope gear on a platform Three people in winter gear are roped and ascending a snow covered mountain slope with a helmet of another person in the foreground A person with glasses and a mustache in a harness and wearing a helmet with ski goggles attached holds a rope between index and middle fingers on a snowy slope Three people in mountain climbing gear hold their ice axes together in the middle of the photo